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Spring 2023

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Sarah Dunphy-Lelii

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Justin Dainer-Best

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Studies have shown that individuals with insecure attachment styles are less likely to feel satisfied or secure in their relationships. Research has shown that security priming can be used to increase one’s attachment security towards relationships. In the present study 40 students (ages 18-23) from Bard College were recruited in order to investigate whether a short-term priming intervention can make people feel more securely attached in their relationships. Participants first completed the ECR-RS questionnaire in order to get their attachment style. Then, participants completed the first half (Time 1) of the ECR-R questionnaire in order to determine how secure they feel in a specific relationship prior to priming. Participants were then separated into a control and experimental group. Those in the experimental group were primed by writing about a relationship that is important to them for eight minutes. Participants in the control group wrote about their week for eight minutes. Afterwards, participants completed the second half of the ECR-R. Results indicated that there is no significant difference in scores when comparing the security scores between the experimental and control group at Time 2.

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