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Spring 2011

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Erica Lindsay

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It would be near impossible to demonstrate every aspect of my music studies. My second senior project is meant as a sampler; the concert is a platform to best display the wide array of projects (musical and non-musical) that I am involved in.

I will demonstrate my work with singers, movies, trios, and large ensembles. I am young and would be be disillusioned with my studies if i claimed to have a complete and confident artist's statement. These four years have aced as a time to gain the tools and skills necessary shape a clear and useful artist's statement during the years to come.

It is my goal to work with as many people as possible. Music is (for the most part) a social activity; practicing musicians play with other practicing musicians. It is easy to be isolated when living the lifestyle of an artist. Often, art is confined to a complete and cut off head world. While this is certainly an important aspect of creating, it is only one half of the whole. The other half is the social side of creating. This social side of creating is important for me. It is often other people that create excitement and energy for me. My senior project (particularly this last concert) has enabled me to create a balance between isolation and inclusion. I isolate myself in anticipation of including others.

This last concert demonstrates my commitment to collaboration. In preparation for this concert I worked with singers, dancers, sculptors, film makers, actors, performance artists, and many varieties of musicians.

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