Christopher "Chris" Wangro '80 (BardCorps)


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Wangro on being admitted: “Anyway, so, they were like, “Oh you do a lot of theater and you’re a clown, you’re in.” So it was a different kind of experience.”


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Anna Hallett Gutierrez '21, Helene Tieger '85


Chris Wangro describes visiting Bard on a whim and going home as an accepted student. His memories center around the kind of place Bard was and the people he found there. He recalls, “when I think of my time at Bard, what sticks out to me or what I think of is not the education as such, but at the time in this sort of wonderful place. Like the whole thing sort of seems like some sort of madcap adventure and lovely, like a lovely adventure.” Wanting to be an interdisciplinary arts major, his senior project incorporated elements of art, drama, dance, film, and photography, with the creation of the Janus Circus. Wangro also discusses his long friendship with photographer Jamie Livingston, and his daily polaroid photo project. Throughout his career, Chris has loved the process of producing events to create community: “the joy of doing it, it’s just fun, it’s just fun to bring people together.”


Bard; Woodstock, New York; Annandale-on-Hudson, New York; Tivoli, New York; Barrytown, New York; Manhattan; Hudson River; Immediate Decision Plan; Tewksbury Hall; New York City, New York; Natalie Lunn; William “Bill” Driver; British; Carnaby Street, London, England; James “Jamie” Livingston ‘79; Some Photos of That Day; Adolphus Mekas; Ken Ross; P. Adams Sitney; Monopoly; Benjamin “Ben” Boretz; Eli Yarden; Warren Sonbert; Olana; Caldor; Safeway; Super 8; Europe; Holland; California Institute of the Arts “CalArts”; Leon Botstein; Stuart Levine; Tom Brenner; Dutchess County Regrant Office; Kathleen “Kathie” diStefano ‘81; Bread and Puppet Theater; Dutch; Stone Row; Digital Commons; Jim Sullivan; Vassar College; Machito [Francisco Raul Gutierrez Grillo]; Hal Hisey; Jeanne Fleming; Rokeby; Ralph Lee; Clark Rodewald; Sinterklaas; Steven Esteban Tetro; Polaroid SX-70; Hugh Crawford; Afghanistan; CBS; Southern China; Facebook; English; Spanish; June; Beth Lipton; Janus Circus; Janus; Art Carlson; Mark Kirby; Bardian; Mercedes Benz; Rhinecliff, New York; Rokeby Road; Fashion Institute of Technology “FIT”; Rudy Giuliani; Cuba; Havana, Cuba; American Express “Amex”; Times Square, New York; Celia Faux ‘19; Surrealist Training Circus; Alan Sussman; Richard Klein


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