Randy Faerber '72 (BardCorps)

Randy Faerber '72 (BardCorps)


Randy Faerber


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“That was the thing about Bard; if you believed in something, they believed in you, they made it happen.”


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Art History


Olive Carrollhach, Alanna Rebbeck


Randy begins by recounting how she ended up completing an art history senior project, “I was walking to the bookstore to buy paints for my senior project in painting, and I said you know, I don’t want to do this, I want to see if I can challenge myself and write a senior project ‘cause that always really intimidated me, the idea of writing a senior project, and so I asked my art history teacher Tom Wolf if–how he would feel about becoming an advisor for an art history senior project, and we thus began the very first art history senior project at Bard. We started the art history department without realizing it.” She talks about the support and confidence that Bard gave her, and how that influenced her when she entered the job market. Through her job working in the education department of the Museum of the City of New York, she was invited to a party where she was introduced to the field of art therapy. She completed a Masters in art therapy, and traveled to England in the process of collecting materials for her degree. Today, Randy is a psychoanalyst in the mornings and a painter in the afternoons.


Tom Wolf; Picasso; Lucas Cranach the Elder; New York University (NYU); Andy Warhol; Museum of the City of New York; Steve (Steven) Miller ‘70; Anna Freud; The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street; National Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital; Margaret Jay; Peter Pan; James M. Barrie; Robin Williams; Saint Lucia; Pratt Institute; Cafe Madrid; Fort Greene, Brooklyn; Stephen Pace; Milton Avery; Maine; Murray Reich; Alan Cote; Matt Phillips; Jacob Grossberg; Bard Literary Review; Jan Barrett ‘73; Blithewood; Bernard Greenwald; Chuck (Charles) Austin ‘73; Michael Patrick Hearn; The Wizard of Oz; Sottery Hall; Robert Kelly; The Art Students League; Alumni/ae Association; Future Shock; Alvin Toffler


Bertelsmann Campus Center

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Randy Faerber '72 (BardCorps)