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* Page 1 What is H.E.O.P.?: An Interview with Steve Gerald -Marilyn O'Connor Women Against Pornography… Where We Stand on the First Amendment -Wendy Kaminer * Page 2 Is Adolph's A Breeding Ground -Peter Geissler Pornography?: An ill-defined Question -Nathan Wagoner * Page 3 Letters o Letters to St. Mark Letters o Gun Control Response -Simon Feeney * Page 4 Letters o Steve Gerald Responds -Steve Gerald Letters o I Love Bard -Yvonne Peterson * Page 5 Tiger at the Gates -Randall Batterman Not Insane Presents… -Spike Henderson * Page 6 Helpful Hints -Art Carlson Impressions of a Transfer Student -Jed Schwartz * Page 7 The Capitalist Pigs are Back -Chia Berezow * Page 8 Spencer Tackles the Issue -Paul Spencer Parents Day -Tom Simon * Page 9 Sports o The Winning Tradition -Peter Geissler Sports o Cross-country Briefs -John Stoddart Sports o Jim Rodewald: Goalstopper -John Stoddart * Page 10 Mr. Mikes Mondo Video -Bill Abelson * Page 11 "On the Spot" with the Bolling Drones -Mark Ebner * Page 12 Calendar

Publication Date


October 25th, 1979