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* Page 1 Skinner on "The Fall of Andrew Young" -Elliot Skinner Racism, Sexism and Alienation in the Liberal Arts -Jonathan Felman * Page 2 Batterman's Tragic Affair * Page 3 Letters o To The Editors -Ruth Oja Letters o On Spencer's Issues -Gwen Ellen Mckenna Bard Freshman Quiz Not Insane Presents * Page 5 Observations of a 4-Year Big Mouth -Rod Micheal * Page 6 The Miser -Jessica Bayer Zee Miser -John Kelleher Robert Altman's "Images" -George Hunka * Page 7 An Evening with Tom Waits: Fri. November 2 -Mark Ebner Bolling Drones Halloween '79 -Cliff Pemsier * Page 8 Pictus Interuptus: Ray Metzger, 1977: -Kevin Hyde Films in Review -Elliot Junger Fraudulent Photography -Art Carlson * Page 9 Bruce "Guts" Venda: Pulling Punches -Charles Lank Poetics at Bard: The Sexual Hammer -Daniel Diehl Venda: Marxism -Jon Feldman * Page 10 First Annual Bard Pet Hunt * Page 11 Paper Chaste -Jed Schwartz * Page 12 Calendar

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November 15th, 1979