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First Advisor

Molly Cooper

Second Advisor

Monk Schane-Lydon


When I was shooting my thesis, it was difficult to manage everything on my own. We ran into many problems and had many false starts. As the only person who had shot a movie before on set, I was the only one who knew how to use any of the equipment right after checkout. I wanted to teach everyone else how much fun movie making can be, and I didn't want to mimic the process I had learned elsewhere; that industrial setup-after-setup grind, so instead I let my cast and my crew get involved in the filmmaking process- more than I had ever done in the past. While this was new for me, it solved our problems by letting me focus more on what actually mattered to me over the course of filming this movie; The wellbeing of everyone involved. My cast and my crew were there because they were my friends. The ideas were open for discussion, the script, everything. This made the whole process more enjoyable- and everyone's voice could be heard. Not just mine. Filming a movie can be fun and easygoing if you're willing to let it be.

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