Kayleigh Myer

Date of Award


First Advisor

Wesley Brown

Second Advisor

Mark Hopkins

Third Advisor

KellyAnne McGuire


In this thesis, I navigate the concepts of abjection, illness, food repulsion / eating disorders, and the dualities of abuse as they pertain to non-verbal forms of language-making and expressions of feminine care within cyber, physical , and emotional space. Utilizing theorist Julia Kristeva, Anne Boyer, Audre Lorde, etc., I begin with a hybrid prose poem / theory / diary-based text, leading into the sections that utilize various theorists, poets, and novelists to explore these core themes both theoretically and creatively, My final chapter is a collection of work that I have curated (Under the name Dagmar Mimi Harlow) with accompanying interviews and commentary with and regarding the collective of poets and their work.

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