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Spring 2023

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Sanjaya DeSilva

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In this paper I have looked into the relationship between economic development and the type of political regime used to achieve development. Throughout my research I approach the idea that economic development is more related to the initial conditions of the state independent of the regime style in place. I have looked at states that achieved development through a democracy, states that achieved development through more of an authoritarian regime, and states that have not achieved development yet. When looking at the process of economic development the initial conditions of macroeconomic and political stability, equality of opportunity, and a collective identity seem to be the most important factors contributing to whether or not a country becomes developed or not. I use these initial conditions to look into how they have been formed within states whether it comes from the style of government or if it is something that exists before. It must also not be excluded the effect of exploitation and how that in turn plays a role in how states develop as well. It is important to acknowledge that every state is not on the same level economically due to colonialism and imperialism. With that being said this paper looks into if there is possibly an ideal form of government for economic development or how to form the initial conditions possible for development.

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