Date of Submission

Spring 2023

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Tim Davis

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I’ve foregone putting out a more formal artists’ statement in fear that anything static might self-sabotage; I’d rather not over-inform an approach to this project by applying my single interpretation and excluding however much more I’m not considering, or worse yet, instruct you in what this project and the works present mean to one person. Rather, I’d encourage you to take it as your own experience and look for what interests or sticks out to you! That said, if you would like to know a little more, through my process and godly vision, seek me out!

Work Present:

8623 Faces - “Approximately”

Right Snips - Literally

Drawn (in) Abundance - 3 variations, scanned and stitched.

Scanned Lights - Google image search turns up nothing remotely similar to the pictures this title names. I feel accomplished in having made images that I can’t find things similar to using their simplest descriptions possible.

Un/seen sides - 3 pairs

Sculptures (various) - Made primarily from Ilford Multigrade FB Classic photo paper, sourced from the photo building student darkroom.

Spirals Squares - Also made from photo paper. Also sourced from upstairs Darkroom

Detritus - Evidently.

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Open Access

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