Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Arthur Gibbons

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project initially started out as a collection of found wood pieces, which I then sorted, sanded, and painted. I took some parts from recycling bins at Fisher and UBS as well as finding some random chunks at my house. Other wood was either collected in similar ways except for 3 2x4’s which I purchased. Through the process of mixing and matching the color and shape of each wooden chunk I found it easier for each piece to find its place among the rest. Like a puzzle for me to find the correct spot for the item at hand. It wasn’t until I had made a few of these bright pieces with individually painted parts that I came to the realization that I was trying to fix something that had already been broken once before (by myself or another). Through this understanding, I started breaking the wood up myself. I believe this trial of material mash helped me think about the wood differently than I had before and seriously try to make this 2x4 mine. Trying out more combinations with less vocal colors. Once I started using textiles throughout the first semester I started to pick up on the fact that I was likely making my work as some sort of memorial and connecting with feelings of nostalgia both positive and negative from my childhood. I make these pieces with the idea of a “family” in mind. The pieces belong to one another, or one is related to another but not the rest. I want to fix the broken family and in order to figure out how it works it must be destroyed and put back together. Not just by breaking, but pounding, destroying, obliterating, until what was left could only be understood as wood. And once this wood is unfamiliar, mend it back together with the tools at hand.

S, P, C

Snapping, playing and crunching

Like feet stomping in the forest

Chirping children

Tattered twigs

Scraping, prying and clipping

Like opening a gift

From surprise

To shock

Salvaging, patching and crafting

Like a Surgeon

From static

To stagnant

Splitting, popping and cracking

Like bones

From the Earth

Back to the dirt

Sanding, polishing and cleaning

Like Morticians

From the bed

Into the coffin

Saving, protecting and cubbying

Like a mourning Mother

From disbelief

To grief

Smothering, priming and coating

Like a role model

Gone now

Never forgotten

Spraying, pigmenting and coloring

Like flowers

From vibrant bloom

To Winter’s grey

Searching, prowling and collecting

Like a hungry animal

Once stuffed

Now empty

Stoning, plummeting and cascading

Like a landslide

Head under a boulder

And it feels real

Sleeping, psychoanalyzing and cuddling

Like a velvet couch

The ceilings are always grey

And they’re never comfortable

Sparking, pitter-pattering and catching

Like a fuse Tik-tik


Speeding, producing and cruising

Like a machine

Gears squeaky

Gunky stuck

Slipping, parading and crashing

Like a drunk

All smiles at day

Cries at night

Salting, powdering and crusting

Like a grill master

Mouthwatering sweet

With a fiery kick

Splintering, pulling and creaking

Like a heavy wind

Trees falling down

Precious wood

In the ground is a birch tree

Planted along with half of me.

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