Date of Submission

Spring 2020

Academic Program


Project Advisor 1

Maria Simpson

Project Advisor 2

Peggy Florin

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I work to share dance art with anyone willing to watch. I am excited by spectacle and the ritual of performance. I acknowledge the agency and power of the individual. I am culturally influenced by cooperative movement and collaboration across the dancer/choreographer boundary. The inherent genuineness and generosity inside humans matters to me. The curiosity behind research potential matters to me. What matters to me as a choreographer is that dance has the ability to transcend human experience and be more than the sum of its parts. In creating work, I am sharing my perspectives on a given concept and striving to control enough elements to create a world for an audience member to be invited to visit. I am working from the lineages of improvisational movement, expressive movement, countertechnique, and contemporary dance forms. I am curious about human’s capacity for empathy. I am interested in dance performance as a means to generate knowledge.

I am curious about the multitude of relationships that can occur between humans and nature. I believe in the inherent value of ecosystems and the services that they provide. It matters to me that the gifts of earth are recognized as gifts and not entitlements to humanity. The way that the earth is resilient and composed of miraculous phases and cycles matters to me. I am inspired by worms, roots, fungi, bacteria. I am obsessed with the roles specificity and vagueness play in composition. I want to continue to explore expressivity and control dynamics between performers. It’s my intention to share the fruitfulness of a cross disciplinary choreographic process, to show how the connections I can make between life science and dance are not coincidental but are based on genuine research inquiries and curiosities, can teach us about our own humanity and that movements worth replicating are everywhere.

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