Date of Submission

Spring 2017

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Art History

Project Advisor 1

Laurie Dahlberg

Abstract/Artist's Statement

To see a work by a female surrealist is, perhaps, to see surrealistically. In other words, if the canonical, Western accounts of surrealism are what we are accustomed to, then the act of seeing a work of a woman completely disorients our trained familiarity with the movement, which up until the 1970s was left undisturbed. The principles of the movement, founded on the personal investigation of one’s psyche, lent themselves as an opportunity for the surrealist woman to explore the interior sources of her creative imagination. Visual expression of their self-discovery provided a different perspective of modern woman’s world and her inner struggle. The nature of this project is a reexamination of our conception of surrealism, its principles, and its artistic works beyond the scope of canonical art history. It is, more specifically, an attempt to resuscitate, resurrect, and reinsert the perspectives of and images by women, who have been overlooked, unheard, or forgotten, into the discourse of surrealism.

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