Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Philosophy; Psychology

Project Advisor 1

Stuart Levine

Project Advisor 2

David Shein

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This thesis explores the thought and philosophy of Dr. Thomas Szasz, paternalistic practices in the field of psychiatry, Szasz’s political and ethical stance on involuntary confinement and suicide prevention, and their philosophical considerations in relation to utilitarianism and libertarianism. Thomas Szasz is probably the most outspoken and passionate critic of the current state of modern psychiatry in our society. This project is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and historic as well as contemporary realities; it is also a narrative: a personal, psychological, and philosophical trilogy that presents: 1. A background of how the author came to be in this position 2. A brief historical note about the subject, 3. An isolated presentation of the philosophical ideas that will be useful in the exploration of this topic (in two parts), and 4. Concluding remarks of the discussion. The author does not aim to prove or disprove anyone in the thesis. Rather, the project attempts to encourage, rather than stifle, further discussion.

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