Date of Submission

Spring 2012

Academic Program

Computer Science; Mathematics; Physics

Project Advisor 1

Matthew Deady

Project Advisor 2

Greg Landweber

Abstract/Artist's Statement

In 1982, Richard Feynman first suggested that in order to simulate quantum mechanical system one needs quantum computer. In classical computer, data are store in the form of binary digits called bits. In quantum computer, information is stored in the form of quantum bit or qubit which lives in two dimensional complex vector space. Similarly, a classical computer uses logical gates to manipulate bits. Quantum analog of classical gates are unitary transformations which manipulate qubits.

The project presents quantum codes and computation process for error correction and quantum algorithms. The project focuses especially on Deutsch’s algorithm which was proposed by David Deutsch in 1985 as an example of quantum algorithm that is significantly faster than classical algorithm for a system involving single qubit. Deutsch’s Problem determines whether a function is constant or not for a single qubit system. The project extends Deutsch’s algorithm for multiple qubits and explores properties of various unitary transformations and information they encode.

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