Date of Submission

Spring 2011

Academic Program

Film and Electronic Arts


Les Leveque

Abstract/Artist's Statement

a line is a line

by Chloe Della Costa

My senior project is about lines. While my inspirations have ranged from animation to drawing, from minimalism and conceptual art to process art, from Sol Lewitt to Ellsworth Kelly, ultimately I love lines and my art installation, entitled a line is a line, is an exploration of making lines. My lines are not representations or narratives, at least not intentionally. They exist in themselves and in relation to other lines and to the concepts outlined by their maker. They exist in highly organized concepts and more liberated ones, but every concept is a container for the lines that holds them in place. Yet the lines find ways of defying their containers—poking through conceptual holes, and hinting at chaos in apparent order or order in apparent chaos. The final pieces start to embody the very processes that led to their making. A single line that is drawn is the product of both planning and improvisation. At times lines can be fleeting, as in an animation where they may appear and disappear so quickly that we cannot hold on to them, we can only see them pass by as a moving image. A line can be an impermanent projection of light or a physical trace of ink or graphite on a surface. The line can be a path, each new step determined by its previous steps, which may have been spontaneous decisions, but have now set boundaries on the line’s future path. Sometimes the line is only a piece of a whole. Sometimes the line simply is.

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