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Spring 2011

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Sanjay DeSilva

Abstract/Artist's Statement

With the use of meta-analysis, this project examines the conditions for successful management of common pool resources for the creation of tourism ventures. Common pool resources are found throughout the tourism industry, including wildlife reserves, state parks and tourist accommodations within rural villages. An examination of common pool resources illuminates the importance of property rights and the legislation that is necessary to deal with disagreements involving these rights. The literature does not always agree upon which property right regime – communal, state, or privately owned – is most successful. After an examination of sixteen case studies from several developing regions of the world, this project argues that community run programs are best at protecting common pool resources. Communities have a unique knowledge of the resource and are able to make decisions that are best for both their residents as well as the common pool resource. This finding is supported by economic literature focused on development, institutions and collective action.

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