Date of Submission

Spring 2011

Academic Program

Studio Arts


Daniella Dooling

Abstract/Artist's Statement

"…just a simple piece of sculpture without reference to subject."

-Auguste Rodin

The work presented in this show comes out of a practice of “doing”. Ideas became material through the use of my hands and an initial abandon of a preconceived idea. Materials were gathered and from there I began to assemble. Once something started to take shape, I would stand back, reassess the work, and continue in a direction that seemed to suit my aesthetic taste. I see the majority of the work as portraiture, large scale busts, even. I attempt to display emotional depth and detail with the brush strokes and finger marks that I’ve used when sculpting versus an accurate rending of ones face. This comes from both a lack of interest in achieving such accuracy and a lack of the proper skill set. This lack of skill not only presents itself in the forms themselves, but in the handling of the material. The material is an important aspect of the work. This work is created primarily with building material that I deskill by using them to paint gesturally. I even go as far, in some of the sculpture, to attempt creating the illusion that some of the work has been carved from something, leaving raw material untouched. I hope that discussion of my work is focused purely on aesthetic. These are objects struggling to become object, whether they succeed in doing so is not up to me to decide.

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