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Spring 2011

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Eric Trudel

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By this point, the English language is nearly at a loss for translations of Marcel Schwob. The Book of Monelle was last published in English in 1929, having been translated by a certain William Brown Maloney, but it has been out of print and unavailable for general consumption virtually since it came off the presses. Iain White's generous and spirited translation (1985) of the stories from Double Heart, The King in the Golden Mask, Mimes, Imaginary Lives, and The Children's Crusade also seems to have been out of print for quite some time now, which entails that these works are out of reach as well.

In this light, it is perhaps time to open up the door to this long since forgotten writer, who, in the words of his biographer, Pierre Champion, was “un homme de l'avenir”. L'avenir is come. His voice has grown quiet, bashful. His English, once superb, has grown rusty, unpracticed. But still he speaks. I fear he still has much he would like us to know.

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