Date of Submission

Spring 2011

Academic Program

Human Rights


Thomas Keenan

Abstract/Artist's Statement

America is in the midst of an education crisis, and the failures of our current public school system are especially affecting those marginalized groups who need education the most- in particular, children from low-income inner-city areas. This project's proposal is to examine the Catholic School Model in order to identify the key school characteristics that are leading to academic success, in the hopes of secularizing these traits for the purposes of public school reform.
The project begins by illustrating the extensive data showing higher rates of academic achievement in Catholic schools than in their public school counterparts, and then addresses the proposed theories for the success. The second half of the project identifies the key success characteristics as: mentorship, high expectations, rules and discipline, and social trust; these final chapters explain each characteristic and its positive influence on child development and academic output, before offering practical techniques for the implementation of each characteristic in the secular American school.

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