Date of Submission

Spring 2011

Academic Program

Environmental and Urban Studies


Alice Stroup

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The world is inundated with a superfluity of complex and dynamic problems, which stretch from economic issues of the individual to global ecological catastrophes that impact the entire planet. In an attempt to rectify issues that fall anywhere between the insurmountable macrocosms to the infinitesimal microcosm, we as humans must accept the reality that, all of our crises, as well as their solutions, are interdependent and inextricably linked. Following the assumption that all of our problems are interconnected, we can begin to strategize solutions to our amalgam of various predicaments, by considering each issue, as a part of a larger societal schism, whether it be in relation to agriculture, health, food, medicine, and the environment. Therefore, any issue that concerns agricultural production should be assessed from all angles possible. This would involve recognizing current food production systems in the United States as a multidimensional sphere of humanity that draws on social, political, economic, and public health issues, involving complexities that cannot always be understood through the lens of scientific data analysis.

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