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Spring 2011

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Thurman Barker

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Track List:
1. Have It All
2. Just Friendz
3. Come Back
4. Tomorrow
5. Family Affair
6. Just Friends (Demo)
7. Maybe I'm Amazed
This solo debut of songwriter/producer Charlie Klarsfeld was recorded at his home studio in upstate new york from September 2010 to April 2011. The moniker Waldo Cros is derived from the French version of "Where is Waldo," entitled "Où est Charlie," and Lolita Cros, who most of the songs for the record were written about/based on.
released 28 April 2011
All instruments and vocals by Charlie Klarsfeld, except for:

Josh Hahn: Pedal Steel on "Have It All"
Odetta Hartman: Violin on "Tomorrow" and "Family Affair"
Matt Kelly: Trumpet on "Come Back" and "Tomorrow"
Lola Kirke: Vocals on "Maybe I'm Amazed"
Sheppard Pepper: Hand Claps on "Come Back"
Lolita Cros: Hand Claps/Snaps on "Tomorrow"

All songs by Charlie Klarsfeld except:
"Family Affair" written by Sly Stone, Sylvester Stewart
"Maybe I'm Amazed" written by Paul McCartney

Artwork by Audrey Clementine Turner

To my mom for her incredible love and support for everything i do as a musician and human. "Family Affair" is dedicated to you and Nicky. To my dear Lolita, the inspiration for all the original songs on this record, i love you. To Shelby, Shep, and Christian for putting up with the endless noise creeping up from the basement. To Audrey for her beautiful artwork, and dealing with all the dusty traffic and noise coming through her apartment. To Josh, Odetta, and Matt for your crazy skills. To Lola for the mushrooms and friendship. Finally to Jeff Peretz for showing me the ropes

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1 Audio Track.aiff (31209 kB)
Title: Have it All

2 Audio Track.aiff (33614 kB)
Title: Just Friendz

3 Audio Track.aiff (44729 kB)
Title: Come Back

4 Audio Track.aiff (41672 kB)
Title: Tomorrow

5 Audio Track.aiff (35275 kB)
Title: Family Affair

6 Audio Track.aiff (33419 kB)
Title: Just Friends (Demo)

7 Audio Track.aiff (29801 kB)
Title: Maybe I'm Amazed

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