Arthur Hughes, '67 (BardCorps)

Arthur Hughes, '67 (BardCorps)


Arthur Hughes


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"The art scene on campus was really sort of remarkable actually."

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Studio Arts; Biology


Paul Margolis '76


Arthur Hughes, '67, looks back on his time at Bard in the 60s, a time when the nation was locked in the Cold War and when students were protesting U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. He shares stories about his personal ties to the war and the draft, the people who made Bard a hub of artistic expression, his work as a biology student and, then later, as an art major.

He tells a story about Rikki Ducornet, her tarot cards, and Louis Schanker’s critique of them during her senior review. He also recalls Bob Dylan's visits to Adolph’s and his impromptu Bard College concerts at Sottery Hall and Ward Manor.


Ohio Wesleyan University; Beloit College; Bard College; Colorado; Vietnam War; New York City, New York; Richard Sahn ‘65; President Lyndon Johnson; Craig Livingston '66; Alan Potkin '70; Louis Schanker; Anton Refregier; History of San Francisco (mural); Woodstock, New York; Ellen Rogovin Hart ‘66; Milton Rogovin; Buffalo, New York; Soviet Union; Moscow, Russia; Harvey Fite; John CuRoi; Abstract Expressionism; Hunter College; City University of New York; Robert Sack, ‘65; David Dorman; Martha Schwartz '68; Michael DeWitt '65; Daniel "Manus" Pinkwater '64; Rikki Ducornet '64; Muriel DeGre; Gerard DeGre; Fisher Center; Robert “Bob” Martin; Katherine Martin; Brandeis, Colorado; Matt Phillips; Sandra S. Phillips '67; San Francisco MOMA; Ludlow Hall; Cuban Missile Crisis; John F. Kennedy; Bob Dylan; Sottery Hall; Ward Manor; Colorado Rocky Mountain School; Adolph's; "Down the Road"; Annandale, New York; John Cohen; New Lost City Ramblers; Hanna Deinhard; Paul Margolis, ‘76

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Arthur Hughes, '67 (BardCorps)