Louise Brinkerhoff '13 (BardCorps)

Louise Brinkerhoff '13 (BardCorps)


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"Well I mean I came to Bard because I wanted to, you know, develop my mind, and I’ve done that. And now I think the right thing for me to do is to go into service. Because I have so much, and I think the only thing you can do is try to give something back."


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German Studies


Marna MacGregor '14


Brinkerhoff describes how she fell in love with the campus after touring campus in her junior year of high school. She loved the diversity of the architecture, and the ‘mix of time periods’ and was subsequently accepted through the Immediate Decision Plan. Brinkerhoff recounts how after taking a class with Franz Kempf, she decided to pursue German studies. Her German language immersion course culminated in a trip to Heidelberg, which was a highlight of her time at Bard. Brinkerhoff’s senior project examined portrayals of Jesus in 20th century German literature. In her studies with Elizabeth Frank, Brinkerhoff describes her appreciation for being asked to ‘read the book and talk about it’ instead of focusing on secondary literature. She describes this as a ‘dying style’ of teaching. When asked what epitomizes Bard, Brinkerhoff named the Surrealist Training Circus, noting the lights, shaky structures, unicycling, and nudity: “It’s my favorite thing to bring an outsider to.”


Jesus; Franz Kempf; Bard; Fisher Center; Reem and Kayden Center for Science and Computation; Stone Row; Bard Chapel; Stevenson Library; Immediate Decision Program; Latin; Heidelberg, Germany; Hudson [trailer dorm]; Hannah Rigg ’13; Sara Forden ‘13; New Robbins; Manor Annex; Old Robbins; Catskill Animal Sanctuary; Saugerties, New York; Elizabeth Frank; Smith College; Bryn Mawr College; Surrealist Training Circus; Anderson Center for Autism; Staatsburg, New York


BardCorps Trailer, Main Campus

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Louise Brinkerhoff '13 (BardCorps)