Nick Lyons '60 (BardCorps)


Nick Lyons '60 (BardCorps)


Nick Lyons '60


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"I still, at this late stage of 88 years old, I can still remember walking down to the creek, to the Saw Kill and Bill Humphrey talking about short stories; neither of us having books in our hands, he would practically have a whole story in his head. I’d never seen anything like that. He could recite the beginning of it and then show where it modulated into another key and then moved into a series of expansions and digressions and finally came through at the end. I was astounded by the way in which he thought about it. I think Bard was exciting to me also because someone like Humphrey had never graduated from college, and there he was, a brilliant teacher, just having his first major book Home from the Hill published which was a runner up for the National Book Award. But it was a year in which, to use an athlete’s expression, I was stretched, I was shown new ways of thinking, new ways of reading. And it wasn’t so much the knowledge that I got as the spirit of the place, the spirit of learning."


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Anna Hallett Gutierrez '21, Helene Tieger '85


Nick Lyons reflects on his life, sharing stories about his introduction to literature and the awakening of his intellectual life; finding his way to Bard; meeting his wife, Mari Blumenau Lyons, and sharing a life together. In thinking about his own years as a teacher, Nick recalls the impact of Heinrich Blücher’s teaching style:

“He [Heinrich Blücher] was capable in the rest of his life, of prompting in others, almost as a Plato, as a man who, not the source of knowledge so much as the prompter of knowledge in others. A very rare kind of quality, most teachers, even really good ones are often huge egos that want to share that ego with other people, but are not that interested in drawing forth from a student something, something they see in– … them something and find ways to draw it forth, to protect it, and to help it flourish.”


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