Richard "Dick" Jenrette and Elliott Lindsley '52 (BardCorps)


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Interviewee Role

Friend of Bard

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"I was a new member of the board of the Historic Hudson Valley. I called Laurance Rockefeller and told him 'I have a place your dream can be furthered of house museums from New York to Albany.' And so he came [to Montgomery Place] and saw it and liked it."

-- Dick Jenrette


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Amy Husten, Helene Tieger, '85


In the fall of 2017, five people gathered in the parlor of Montgomery Place to share and record stories of the house, many of its occupants, and some regional history. Dick Jenrette of Edgewater, and his longtime friend Canon Elliott Lindsley ‘52, were interviewed by Amy Husten, Managing Director at Montgomery Place and Helene Tieger ‘85, College Archivist. Anna Hallett, ‘21 recorded the conversation. Dick discussed his involvement with Historic Hudson Valley; his love of classical architecture in general; and his abiding interest in Montgomery Place. Elliott talked about his introduction to and subsequent involvement with Montgomery Place; his many years as vicar at St. Paul’s and Trinity Parish, in Tivoli; the Delafields’ connection to St. Paul’s; and the association of Margaret and John Bard with the original Trinity Parish. As the conversation wound down, Dick and Elliott concluded that with Bard’s purchase of Montgomery Place, it was in “good hands.”

Richard “Dick” Jenrette died in April of 2018.


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Montgomery Place, Red Hook, NY

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