Malia Du Mont, '95, and Joshua Ledwell, '96 (BardCorps)

Malia Du Mont, '95, and Joshua Ledwell, '96 (BardCorps)


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Interviewee Role


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Chief of Staff & VP for Strategy and Policy, Class of 1995

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"The perspectives I learned from having a more diverse group of people to learn from has helped me a lot in understanding that there's a much more multifaceted world out there."


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Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literature; Political Studies

Class Year


Academic Program

Political Studies; Classical Studies


Michael Shapiro, '75


Malia Du Mont, '95, and Joshua Ledwell, '96, recall their time at Bard with candor and affection. They talk about their respective majors and how they changed; Joshua's decision not to transfer after missing a semester of school; Malia's account of the intensity of working on her senior project. Other topics include Malia's work in defense strategy at the Pentagon and Joshua's at a software company after graduation; James Chace's "antics" in class, and his encouragement of the students who formed the "James Chase protege group"; hanging out with the language tutors; memories of the L&T program, stargazing in the fields and studying by the railroad tracks; and finally, Malia's poetry club, whose members would start every meeting with a yodel.

Malia Du Mont is currently Chief of Staff at Bard College.


EEC Scholarship, University of Massachusetts, Sanjib Baruah, Model UN, Georgetown, James Chace, Pentagon, L&T (Language and Thinking Program), Robbins House, Ravine Houses, Aspinwall Hall


Bertelsmann Campus Center

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Malia Du Mont, '95, and Joshua Ledwell, '96 (BardCorps)