Francis Whitcomb, '47 (BardCorps)

Francis Whitcomb, '47 (BardCorps)


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"[Tony Garvin] was my adviser in American History, and advised me on my senior project about my great grandfather...He must have been high in social circles...and my senior year he was having a garden party in Rhinebeck, and he comes up to me and he says, 'Frank I want you to meet Mrs. Roosevelt.'"


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Class Year


Academic Program

Historical Studies


Helene Tieger '85 & Jane Brien '89


St. Stephen's College; James Whitcomb [class of] 1914; David Whitcomb, [class of] 1939; Whitney-Hale Whitcomb, Paul Whitcomb, [class of] 1927; Kappa Gamma Chi; France; Cairo; Egypt; Johnny Bishop, [class of] 1947; Frederick Q. Shafer, [class of] 1937; Adolf Sturmthal; Ted Sottery; Tony Garvin; Eleanor Roosevelt; Arnold Davis, [class of] 1944; Hunter College; Tivoli, New York; Red Hook, New York; Rhinebeck, New York; Barrytown, New York; Annandale-on-Hudson, New York; Vassar College; Bernard 'Bernie' Baker, [class of] 1948; David Stevens; Paul Marsen; Holly Flannigan-Davis; Phoenix (play)


West Glover, Vermont

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01h : 02m : 31s

Francis Whitcomb, '47 (BardCorps)