Margaret Castleman, '69 (BardCorps)

Margaret Castleman, '69 (BardCorps)


Margaret Castleman


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"I had a very hard time here initially. [I was] totally vulnerable to peer pressure, and to the wrong kind of peer pressure. So to have to come back and face that, and to disassociate myself [from] that sort of set the rules for my life in terms of how to be an individual. You have to go your own path."


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Theater Major


Helene Tieger, '85


Margaret Castleman recalls her arrival at Bard in the mid-sixties as a "preppy" dance student, and getting "swept up in the whole hippie thing"; choosing the theater program over dance; feeling lost and undirected after dropping out for a semester; returning to Bard and having to disassociate herself from her former friends in order to focus; acknowledging Bard's role in helping her learn her craft; performing Tartuffe with a French accent as her Senior Project. She remembers Professor Neil McKenzie who connected her with an agent with whom she still works; leaving Bard and traveling to England to perform in Quote, by Bob Rockman, and having this experience launch her career; getting a scholarship with Alvin Ailey; and later living and working in Brooklyn as a choreographer.


Neil McKenzie, William Driver, Robert Rockman, Charles Kakatsakis, Robbins House, Sands House, Schuyler House, Carriage House Theater


Stevenson Library.

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Margaret Castleman, '69 (BardCorps)