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Spring 2023


“Where does your professional problem live in your body” was a question asked of a fellow alumni in Jam #5. This led to a discussion on when your body tells you are at capacity. This question was so impactful that it was further discussed in Convocations #1 of Future Callings.

This lesson was designed to help students think about where they hold pain their body when they are stressed as a student and later when they are in their future profession. Its goal is to help students understand when they are at capacity, that it is normal to feel discomfort when you are at capacity, and what to do when you are at capacity. It is important to note that there are many indicators that let us know we are at capacity before pain sits in the body. You may wish to develop ways to get students to determine when they are at capacity that are not related to physical pain. You may also wish to include a list of mental health resources available to students on your campus, or maybe even include a video presentation from one of your campus’s trainings.



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