Traffic Problems and Their Solution in Animal Cells

Traffic Problems and Their Solution in Animal Cells


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(This information was taken from the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series Program 1987-1988).

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Dr. Palade, a Nobel laureate, is senior research Scientist and special advisor to the dean at Yale University School of Medicine. Born in Moldavia, Rumania, Dr. Palade earned the M.D. degree at the University of Bucharest while he was intern and resident at the Association of the Civil Hospital of Bucharest. He came to he United States in 1946 to be visiting investigator in the Department of Biology at New York Univerisity, and has since held positions at the Rockefeller Institute and Yale University. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the . National Academy of Sciences, the Royal Society, and several other scientific societies. Honors for Dr. Palade's work have included the National Medal of Science, the Henry Gray Award, the Schleiden Medaille, the Brown-Hazen Award, the Dickson Prize, and the Horwitz Prize, along others. In 1974 he received the Nobel Prize Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries, with A. Claude and C. DeDuve, on the structural and functional organization of the cell. He has also recieved a number of honorary degrees from both American and European universities. Dr. Palade is the author of many articles on issues in cell biology in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Annals of Biochemistry, Journal of Cell Biology and other scientific journals, as well as in several anthologies and proceedings. He has been editor of the Journal of Cell Biology and Journal of Molecular Biology and is presently editor of the editor of Membrance Biology and Annual Review of Cell Biology.

His Work: Dr. Palade's research has concentrated on cell fractionation and electron microscopy. A series of he that he made on the cytoplasmic membrane systems led to his important work on protein synthesis, especially in the pancreatic cell.

His Lecture: February 13, 1988: "Traffic Problems and Their Solution in Animal Cells"



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February 13, 1988

Traffic Problems and Their Solution in Animal Cells