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* Page 1 The Chiseling of Mr. Harvey Fite Community Works Cut Its Problems Shavian Religious Views Discussed o Shaw Gets Buzzed Important Notice * Page 2 Co-Ed Study Hall Plans Ditched Botsford Gets Around Carnival at Bard o Firemen Turn Big Wheels Russian Propaganda Film to be Shown There * Page 3 Where is Newcombe? o People of Brooklyn v. Donald Newcombe -A. H. Mankoff Council Marches On Socially Speaking * Page 4 The Community Budget * Page 5 "If You Don't Register - You Can't Vote!" Field Period WXBC Fakes Plans * Page 6 Theater News o Musical Review o First Workshop o Bible Reading o Major Production Third Hat in The Ring * Page 7 Speaker and Wine Clarify Conrad Famous Marxist to Speak Here "M" Postponed by Dworetsky Steinbeck Classic to be Seen as Part of Course * Page 8 Who Stole the Microphone?

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October 1st, 1956