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* Page 1 News Items -Jerome F. Lawrence Integration -Ernest Singer Critique * Page 2 Poetry Proxies for Wanning -Robert E. Rockman Communications Board Discusses WXBC * Page 3 Interrupted Melody -Jayne Meyer Ludwig on Low Seriousness -David Siff * Page 4 Policy Representation Judicial Committee Reality -David Robison Editorial -Avron Soyer * Page 5 Letters to the Editors o ["We of the old staff wish to send our greetings and fond wishes. . ."] -Self, Daniell, Ellenberg, Hirschfeld Letters to the Editors o ["There have been six brush fires on or near the Bard campus in the past three months."] -Board of Directors, Bard Fire Dept. Our Psychiatric Staff o Answers Your Problems * Page 6 The Liberal Academic Economist -Charles Lapidary The Economist and the Liberal -Michael Zimmerman * Page 7 Council Minutes, 1984 -Martin Scriblerus, Ernie Singer What's New in Jazz??? Sweezy to Speak * Page 8 Hypocrisy - World Crisis and Bard -Jerome F. Lawrence From the Couch -Dave Banker * Page 9 Bard and NSA -Warren Kaufman

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December 10th, 1956