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* Page 1 An Interview with President Botstein -Tom Carroll 980 -Art Carlson The Story of Jimmy -Paul Spencer * Page 2 Letters o A Voice From Within -Prince Robinson Letters o Draft Registration -Nathan Pressman * Page 3 Registrar? -Jed Schwartz * Page 4 Eggspeak -Andrew Joffe * Page 6 Of Mice and Men -Robert Caccomo As You Like It -Gretchen Lang * Page 7 Operetta -Bill Abelson * Page 8 For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is not Enuf -Tory Bressler * Page 9 Mind Control Salsa -Micheal Stiller * Page 10 Jean Renoir's "Grand Illusion" -Elliot Junger The Incestuous Art of Robert Cumming -Kevin Hyde * Page 11 $9.95 Anyone? -Andrew Joffe * Page 12 Cartoon * Page 13 State of the Union -Randall Batterman Mobilize! Anti-Draft * Page 15 Communicator 1 -Vicky Kriete * Page 16 NY Yankees Statistics Final Major League Standings 1980 Big League Predictions -Bill Abelson Charlie Patrick and Wife Alive and Tan -Kevin Hyde WXBC 620

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March 13th, 1980