Simon's Rock of Bard College Newsletter, December 1980

Simon's Rock of Bard College Newsletter, December 1980

Bard College at Simon's Rock


New General Education Program Topic of Panel at 1980 Family Day - pg. 1

  • Leon Botstein, Eileen Handelman, Larry Wallach, Barbara Guetti, Robert Strassler

College Gains a Gymnasium with Purchase of New Property - pg.1

  • Leon Botstein, Mr. Peter I.B. Lavan, Mrs. Peter I.B. Lavan, John Torrico

  • Pibly Gymnasium

Robert B. Strassler Heads Board of Overseers - pg. 1

  • Robert B. Strassler, Toni Strassler

National Symposium to be Held in January- pg. 2

  • Ernest Boyer

Simon’s Rock Attracts New Foundation Support - pg. 2

Dean of New Students Appointed - pg. 2

  • Patrick McInerney

Congressman Shannon Delivers Commencement Address - pg. 2

  • James M. Shannon, Leon Botstein, Doreen Young

  • Blodgett House

Physics and Poetry - pg. 2

  • Dr. David Rose, Tom MacIntyre, Terrence DesPres

Reunion - pg. 2

  • Ann Liebrick, John Liebrick, Catherine Miller, Tom Poste, Mary Thorne, Drudie Davis, Doreen Young, Monyamarie King-Black

  • Blodgett House

Simon’s Rock Faculty Appointments - pg. 3

  • Susan Gasster, Barbara J. Guetti, Hal L. Holladay, Charlene Morrow, Alice Arnold, James Morrow, Jane ten Brink Goldsmith, Carl Nordstrom, James Connors, Sue North

Television Crew Films Simon’s Rock - pg. 3

  • Leon Botstein

Runners Excel - pg. 3

  • Olena Rajan, Nancy Rimple, Maureen McClenon, Sarah Wright, Sharon Pinkerton, Brian Hopewell

Auction Nets $7,000 for Scholarship Fund - pg. 3

  • William Bradfort, Mrs. Niki Beebe, Mrs. Terry Feldman

  • Blodgett House

Fall Enrollment - pg. 4

Eleventh South Berkshire Concert Series Underway - pg. 4

  • Malcolm Bilson

Concern WIth Intellectual Readiness Reflected in Summer Math Program - pg. 4

  • Dr. Hedley Morriss