Date of Award


First Advisor

Michael Bergman

Second Advisor

Erik Kramer


Details on the design, construction plan, and analyses of the Saximus project will be discussed throughout this thesis. The Saximus is a saxophone-playing robot designed with lip, tongue, and finger mechanisms as well as an adjustable base, oral cavity, and air supply. In the design, the tongue, lip, and finger mechanisms are controlled via an Arduino by utilizing two servomotors and 11 solenoids. All appropriate analyses for selecting components to build the robot were completed to ensure that all motors and solenoids provide the forces necessary for their purposes, and to ensure that supports built to hold them will endure the entirety of the project. Each component is also able to meet the speed requirements necessary to play the instrument correctly. Throughout the construction of the Saximus, certain components were redesigned or changed entirely. Due to the nature of the project, not much was known about how different designs for components, such as the lips and oral cavity, might affect the playing ability of the robot. Therefore, any changes made towards the end will be justified toward the end of the thesis. It should be noted that different members of the Senior Design Group focused on different parts of this project. Lauritz David and Jose Mendez focused on manufacturing the base and finger components. Jessica Taylor focused on the design of the lip mechanism, circuit manufacturing, and managing the team’s budget. Giancarlo Lezama focused on utilizing the theory behind saxophone playing in order to assist with the design of all major components of the project, programming all electronic apparatuses, circuit design and leading the team throughout the construction process.

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