Date of Award


First Advisor

Michael Bergman


The body of this research concerns maintaining stability of a chemical reactor which performs bacteria facilitated nitrification. Nitrification, a two-step chemical process, is especially relevant in wastewater management because of its ability to remove organic nutrients from a solution. Stability of the reactor was maintained through the analysis of its composition and compensating when relevant values deviated from nominal reactor conditions obtained from researched literature values. The management and operations of this endeavor was performed at a bench (laboratory) scale. The maintenance and operation of the reactor was accomplished through a thorough understanding of the theory behind the reaction and the type of reactor used. This entailed a familiarity with the biochemical concepts associated with the facilitation of the reaction and the kinetics necessary to undertake them. Additionally, knowledge of principles associated with sequence batch reactors – the reactor used in this research – was necessary in making assumption concerning the kinetics of the reactor.

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