Date of Award


First Advisor

Aimee Michel

Second Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Third Advisor

Jamie Hutchinson


This thesis is an exploration of storytelling using two different mediums: the novella and the play. Included in the thesis are the original story and its dramatic adaptation, as well as an examination of the process of adapting that story for the stage, and then producing and directing the play. The story takes as its starting point the secrets that are uncovered after the death of a well-respected family in a small town. The novella and the play explore themes of sexual abuse, alcoholism, disabilities, infidelity, identity, and more, which I believe are integral when talking about the world in which we live in today. The production was a site-specific, immersive theatre piece performed in Blodgett House on campus. The two different mediums allowed me to interact with the audience in different capacities, and give voice to character that could not be in one or the other. Within this thesis, I will explain the differences between the two and how the process differs between the two. Included in this thesis are the novella, the script of the play, a recording of the production, photos of the production, process writing, recordings of some rehearsals, process notes throughout the past year relating to the thesis, and multi-media sources that aided me in this process.

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