Date of Award


First Advisor

Ben Krupka

Second Advisor

Larry Wallach


The heart of this thesis was the exhibition in which I designed and created a room and ceramic pieces to reside within it in order to show the functional nature of the craft. This led me to research about how our homes and objects within them affect us, and furthermore how this may be influenced by the increasingly industrialized world. There has been extensive research on how we form attachments to objects in order to symbolically express our sense of self since it is an abstract ideal on its own. I looked into historical movements like the Arts and Crafts movement and the Bauhaus school of design that focused on returning once again to the handmade starting in the1880s when industrialization first started to replace more traditional crafts. Through this research and the reactions to my exhibition I have concluded that we do form important attachments to objects, especially to those within our homes. Furthermore, the people designing these objects can be important to their overall form so when machines replace craftsmen it does affect our decisions as consumers and our attachments to objects because they feel intrinsically replaceable due to their mass production and trend-following nature.

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