Jake Larcqua

Date of Award


First Advisor

John Myers

Second Advisor

Larry Wallach

Third Advisor

Bernard Rodgers


For all the musical genres available to a curious listener, few musicians are known for performing more than one musical language. In such a world, how does one discern the aspects of a musical language that make it preferable to one performer or another? Bi-musicality, the practice, study, and performance of more than one musical language, makes this a far more approachable question. As a bi-musical performer and multi-instrumentalist, I attempt to provide perspective regarding the differences between western classical and jazz, as both a vocalist and a saxophonist. Through a practical analysis of my preparatory practices, I dictate the differences in approach, attitude, structural analysis, and overall process of preparing each musical language. I also seek a more informed performance by addressing the histories and musical structure of each of the eight pieces I prepared for my senior recital, and describe my artistic decisions, and the reasons for those decisions, in order to give the best possible view of the musical process.


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