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First Advisor

John Myers

Second Advisor

Aaron Williams

Third Advisor

James Jeffries


The healthcare system in the United States is inefficient, wasteful, and unsatisfactory to the people it serves. However, as Jonathan Bush describes in his book Where Does It Hurt: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Health Care, these flaws create countless opportunities for entrepreneurs wishing to address them. Bush believes that the group of smaller care providers that currently make up the fringes of the healthcare market will pursue these opportunities, causing them to grow and eventually redefine the nature of the healthcare system. Part of this change will come from software startups creating extremely simple software that will empower this underserved market segment and help them compete with the current giants in healthcare. The software entrepreneurs that pursue this opportunity now will define the future of healthcare software. This thesis offers further insight into the current environment of the market of healthcare software and provides a guide to creating a startup to pursue this opportunity. It uses principles from movements in entrepreneurship today including the Lean and Effectual methodologies, as well as other literature I’ve read on the topic, conversations I’ve had with experienced entrepreneurs, and my own practical experience from the past year.

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