Willing Skin

Date of Award


First Advisor

David LaSpina

Second Advisor

Rebecca Fiske


In Willing Skin, a thesis in photography and poetry, I will attempt to deconstruct the traditions of feminist photography, many of them problematic, which inform the work I create today as a young women who cannot distance herself from that word, “feminist”. I intend to discuss my personal relationship to the word and to my two mediums of choice, through the lens of personal experience - both within my personal history and in the broader sense of my ongoing way of processing my world. My work is deeply and unapologetically personal - because I cannot presume to speak for women other than myself, and because I would argue that the shaming of the expression of the personal and emotional, is ultimately a patriarchal device. That said, I will also be focusing on two influential 20th century female photographers in a discussion of the roots of contemporary feminist photography; this project will not be undertaken neglecting its objective predecessors.

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