Date of Award


First Advisor

Donald Roeder

Second Advisor

Michael Bergman

Third Advisor

Thomas Coote


Biomass gasification is a promising technology for the future of alternative energy. In a time when oil reserves are running low it is of the utmost importance that other methods of energy production are investigated. Biomass is an abundant and underappreciated source of energy and biomass gasification offers a feasible method of using that energy. For this thesis a smallscale gasification system was created that is a userfriendly and affordable improvement over previous designs. This system is intended to function as a prototype of a potential consumer product in the alternative energy industry. In this paper the history, environmental impact, economics, and future of biomass gasification are discussed as well as a detailed description of the system designed for this project. It was concluded that a better and more affordable system could be built that would efficiently generate electricity at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels.

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