Tara Turnbull

Date of Award


First Advisor

Brian Conolly

Second Advisor

Karen Beaumont

Third Advisor

Aimee Michel


I have written and done set design for an original play called Being-On-Stage: 9 Phenomenological Movements For Solo Actress, performed in the Liebowitz (black box) Studio Theatre at The Daniel Arts Center at Bard College At Simon's Rock in February 2014. I propose Being-On-Stage, an original term which describes the authentic mode of being of the actor throughout the rehearsal and performance process. I conduct a theoretical analysis of Heideggerian phenomenological notions of Fallenness, Anxiety, Death, and the distinction between object and thing. I apply these notions to the actor/ audience relationship toward a preliminary sketch of Being-On-Stage. I acknowledge the body that Heidegger neglects, and reflect upon my rehearsal process, which included travel to Messkirch, Germany. I include rehearsal and performance reports, anonymous student performance reviews, dress rehearsal photographs, and a DVD of opening night.

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