Sophie Miller

Date of Award


First Advisor

John Myers

Second Advisor

Joan DelPlato

Third Advisor

Harold Hastings


Your Couture explores the process of development and creation of an application on the iOS platform. The goal of this project was to construct a fashion network which connects designers and consumers through an iPhone based application. Users of this network are able to communicate with the intention of creating or receiving custom made couture. Designers can use the application to build a client base and showcase their past work. Designers receive queries for custom projects which they are able to accept or reject. Upon acceptance of a project, the designer can share sketches and communicate with the customer through a messenger interface. Consumers can use Your Couture to discover designers that are able to create custom made clothing. The consumer is able to submit a query containing information about unique clothing items he or she desires. If a designer is able to create the project which has been proposed, the consumer is connected with the designer. Consumers also have other features such as a “dressing room”, which is used for compiling potential outfits. This application was created using the Objective-C programming language and Xcode IDE. Graphics for the user interface were created using programs available through the Adobe Creative Suite. The significance of this application is explained as a mean for reinventing the manner in which people interact with material goods. The ethnographic importance of the iPhone and its applications are explored as a means of representation.

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