Enana Nduku

Date of Award


First Advisor

David LaSpina

Second Advisor

Sue Lyon


As a visual artist I capture people in surroundings where they feel at home. With my images I patch together stories. I have done this here with contemporary music festivals. I chose the smaller intimate festivals because live music, dancing and living in close community for multiple days creates a joyful vibrant connection between people. It is an unforgettable mind blowing experience and I wanted to illustrate it. To complete this project I relied heavily on the connections I had made with festivalgoers in the past. I had a camera, a tent, and very little food or money. I volunteered, trading work for a ticket into the festivals. I entered into festival life completely. I took over a thousand photographs. I used festival images in my paintings. The opening for my Thesis Show was held August 24, 2013 in a storefront on Main Street in Chatham NY. On display were 20 Photographs and 4 current Oil Paintings, I also displayed a slide show of 266 images along with music. My written Thesis includes a chapter comparing the current generation of music festivals with Woodstock ’69. The chapter Local Response details social and economic effects of the Big Up festival and its planning on Columbia County NY. Relating both positive aspects and negative, I have recreated my unforgettable journey with poetry and prose.

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