Daniel Katten

Date of Award


First Advisor

Chris Coggins

Second Advisor

Katie Boswell


This thesis explores the necessity of a mutually beneficial corporate-local relationship in creating an economically sustainable tourist destination. Theis claim is supported with geographic (?) and ethnographic analysis, including interviews with local people in and around the ski resort environment of Telluride, Colorado. My findings show that because of the lack of communication between the town and the resort, and a failure on the part of the resort to acknowledge the town, there is a significant loss in sustainable income for both the resort and the town. In the instance of Telluride, Colorado during the 2011-2012 ski season, corporate managers failed to market the individualistic nature that the town brings to the resort, which also resulted in the alienation of the local workforce. Without recognition of the importance of the social and physical environment surrounding a resort, the given location will not be successful as a tourist destination because it will not be any different from any other ski resort destinations.

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