Date of Award


First Advisor

Brendan Mathews

Second Advisor

Peter Filkins


This thesis is a collection of short stories and poems set in a science fiction universe. Its purpose is to delve into and expand this universe into a fully fleshed-out world. As it does so, it draws heavily on the author’s knowledge of biology for inspiration. This thesis delves into empathy. It asks whether we are capable of understanding many different points of view. It asks whether we can understand points of view that may be far different than our own. It asks how to best convey these points of view so that the we may understand all the sides of the story. This thesis delves into storytelling. It looks into how stories can help both storyteller and listener cope with inevitable death. It looks into how stories can help the listener understand the storyteller. It looks into ways of telling a story that are closer to thought. Most importantly, this thesis attempts to tell a good story.

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