Ceilidh Blood

Date of Award


First Advisor

Larry Wallach

Second Advisor

John Myers

Third Advisor

Lucy Bardo


This thesis is an attempt to explore the history of the viola da gamba including the music composed for it and the performance techniques developed around it. It consists of both a written component and a performance component. The performance repertory included English, Italian, and French works from the Renaissance and Baroque periods for both solo and small ensemble. The written component of this thesis contains both a research and an experiential component. The research looks at what the viola da gamba is, how it differs from other similar instruments, and how it was (and is) played. It also explores the contexts for the repertory chosen for the recital. The experiential component describes my work leading up to the performance, and includes an evaluation of the performance itself. The major concern of this thesis is how my playing was influenced by the research and to what extent.


Ask at the Alumni Library circulation desk for the companion piece that accompanies this thesis.

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