Sahra Brubeck

Date of Award


First Advisor

Wesley Brown

Second Advisor

Jamie Hutchinson


Punica Granatum: Lost Seeds is a collection of short stories and poems that aim to retell ancient Greek myth through the lens of various Greek Goddesses. The myths of Persephone and Demeter, Aphrodite and Apollo, and Achilles and Thetis are each retold in a way that stays true to certain aspects of the original Greek mythos, while embodying new meaning through a fairly contemporary perspective. However, by using the word "contemporary" I do not necessarily mean to imply that the myths are set in the current time period, but rather that they utilize more current theoretical perspectives on gender roles. In order to maintain a feeling of the "old" or ancient, I purposefully wrote prose that is heavily infused with poetic descriptions. By doing so, I hoped to produce a collection of creative written work that is stylistically and theoretically located in both the new and the old. Additionally, I entered this project with the intention of participating in the long and ever-expanding tradition of storytelling, which has been greatly influenced by mythos of all kinds. Hopefully the aims of my thesis project are met through the specific myths that I have chosen to retell.

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